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Surviving to Thriving – Affair Proof Marriage

Affairs don't have to be part of your relationship... Become AFFAIR PROOF!

It can be incredibly stressful to suspect that your partner is having an affair and absolutely devastating if you discover this fear is suddenly your new reality.

It doesn’t have to be that way. The fear, or worse yet, the reality of an affair doesn’t have to be part of your relationship. You have far more power and control over your relationship’s future than you realize, and I’m going to help you harness that power to create an affair-proof marriage.

But should you already be struggling with the discovery of an affair, I’m also going to show you what to do and what NOT to do going forward so you can emerge stronger than you’ve ever been before.

Affairs can happen to even the most devoted, intelligent, and committed couples. They aren’t always emotional and they aren’t always physical.

They don’t always occur because one feels they’re lacking something at home and they don’t always occur because a relationship is on the rocks. Even the most “successful” marriages and relationships can experience infidelity.

I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

Every affair has warning signs, they’re just often missed because people don’t know what to look for. And when the red flags of affair behavior go undetected, a false sense of security can sometimes lead to heartbreak.

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with more than 30 years of experience, I’ve helped hundreds of men and women deal with all facets of affair behavior…from laying the foundation for affair prevention to surviving and then thriving after the discovery of infidelity.

When you fear, or even discover, that the person you counted on to love you unconditionally and faithfully has breached a sacred layer of trust, it’s hard to know what to do next. From self-destructive thoughts to reckless behaviors to suppressed anger and resentment, I’ve seen the countless ways people have mistakenly chosen to deal with pain and suspicion. And I can tell you both from experience and from the heart…self-sabotage is NOT the answer!

Choose the affair-proof path. I’m here to guide you.

And should you discover infidelity, choose to thrive. I’m here to guide you through this life-changing journey as well.

“If you fear an affair…if you’ve discovered an affair…or even if you just want to be prepared and know what to look out for, this program is for YOU.”

Over the past 30 years, I’ve walked couples down the path of personal discovery so they could create a healthier, more empowering version of themselves. I’ve helped them form stronger more durable bonds together. And I’ve helped take them from a place of fear and instability to a place of rock-solid devotion and fidelity.

All with proven step-by-step affair-proof methods that have been perfected through years of application.

And now? I want to share these methods with you.

Through my exclusive at-your-own-pace program, you’ll have instant access to the exact same tools, steps, and knowledge I’ve shared with countless other couples looking to create affair-proof marriages and relationships.

With Affair-Proof: Surviving to Thriving, you’ll get four modules featuring 85+ pages packed with proven insight, revealing activities, and affair-proof guidance…all for less than the cost of a ONE HOUR session!

Don’t Go Through It Alone…I Can Help You THRIVE!

Your relationship has vulnerabilities…do you know what they are?

An affair is typically rooted in more than just the physical. There is often also an emotional component that signals there was something wrong, missing, ignored, or off balance in the relationship.

Regardless of the reasons behind infidelity, an affair typically follows a series of warning signs that often go missed or undetected by the trusting spouse or partner.

Do you know what to look for?

Together through my exclusive program, we’ll dive into affair red flags and then look at every single one of them through a lens of prevention so you can lay the foundation for an affair-proof marriage.

Though it may feel scary and stressful to think about, affair red flags should NEVER be ignored. They don’t go away. And sometimes, the red flags waving right before your eyes can lead to affairs right behind your back.

Answer the following questions honestly…

  • Do you want to know all the warning signs of an affair?
  • Have you ever found yourself replaying affair scenarios in your head?
  • Has your spouse or partner ever exhibited behavior that made you suspicious?
  • Do you have trouble trusting your spouse or partner with 100% certainty?
  • Does your spouse or partner keep certain aspects of his or her life private from you?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, you need this program. And if you answered “Yes” to several of the above, you need this program NOW. Before it’s too late.

It’s time to take control. It’s time to toss aside fear and angst so you can embrace what means the most in your life. It’s time to become affair-proof.

I’m here to help make that happen.

Do you know what kind of relationship is most vulnerable to an affair? It’s not what you think…and we’ll be exploring this and MORE!

“The most comprehensive affair program out there! Not only does Dr. Liz teach you how to create an affair-proof relationship, she shows you exactly what to do should the unthinkable happen.”

Not everyone will discover their spouse or partner has had an affair. But should it happen, I wanted to make sure everyone who went through my program was prepared to deal with it properly from day one.

While my program includes four solid weeks of self-paced guidance, you may not even need to complete all four modules. In fact, I hope you don’t!

In Week One and Two, you’ll learn how to identify vulnerabilities in your relationship, strengthen yourselves as a couple, spot and deal with warning signs, discover the secrets behind an affair-proof marriage, connect on an even deeper emotional level with your spouse or partner, and close any gaps that exist in your relationship.

This series alone is enough to help lay the foundation for an affair-proof marriage and relationship, but I’ve taken the program one step further…post-discovery guidance.

I hope you never have to go through Week Three and Four because they’re really only needed if you discover an affair. In these later modules, you’ll learn what to do if your spouse or partner is unfaithful. We’ll explore the steps you and your spouse need to take to manage an affair discovery and emerge from the fallout stronger than ever before.

Through the Affair-Proof program, I’ve broken each module down into crucial topics, important milestones, and easy activity assignments to help you in all areas of affair behavior…from understanding and prevention to healing and recovery.

IMPORTANT! This is a self-paced proven program with easy-to-read topics and activities that will help normalize and guide you through the chaos and bewilderment of affairs. Designed to keep you focused and on track, you’ll be able to go at your own pace as your schedule allows.

A stronger, more stable YOU and US awaits.

Don’t Go Through It Alone…I Can Help You THRIVE!

“So thankful that God put you in my path. From what I have learned so far, I’m looking forward to more to come! :)”

– Lynn H.

“Liz is an incredibly kind person who is easy to talk to. She has years of experience which she draws from to ask questions and give insight to help reset your mindset gently. I consider my time with her as self care and an extremely important piece of my over health and well being.”

– Sarah K.


“Kind, Caring, Talented Therapist”

– C. Harris

 ” Dr. Liz is positive and caring who is comfortable working with couples.” 

– Missy T. 

Don’t Go Through It Alone…I Can Help You THRIVE!

Just who do I think I am?

My name is Dr. Liz Jenkins, and I’m here to help you rediscover yourself, reignite your relationship, and reset your dreams so you can live a more fulfilled life while leaving the fear and/or pain of infidelity in the rearview mirror. Just as I have for hundreds of others in similar situations.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over 30 years and a Life Transitions and Relationship Coach, I’ve seen the damage that can be caused if the stress and heartache of affair suspicion or affair discovery goes unchecked.

I’ve looked at their faces, looked into their eyes, and I’ve seen their pain and confusion. Their almost hopeless look of despair. You may be experiencing the same emotions right now.

I’ve been in the trenches…both as a wife and a therapist. I understand the struggles and the demands behind a stable relationship, especially as it relates to marriage, parenting, or personal balance.

Reading a few blogs or support group postings that really only touch on the exterior won’t provide the level of advanced help and inner perspective you need to truly be affair-proof or to heal if the unimaginable becomes your reality.

Through my one-of-a-kind comprehensive program, I’ll provide you with the guidance, tips, and introspective challenges you need to regroup, rebuild, and rejuvenate yourself.

In essence, you’ll get the game plan…the playbook…the step-by-step guidance you need to plan and implement an affair-proof marriage.

Right from the very start!

Don’t Go Through It Alone…I Can Help You THRIVE!

I don’t want you to spend one more minute suffering, worrying, or beating yourself up. It’s time to become empowered…it’s time to know what to look for, how to handle it, and what to do next.

I don’t want you to keep going to bed each night saddened, feeling helpless, replaying “what if” scenarios in your head like some bad movie, or remaining discouraged…turning a cold shoulder to your spouse in anger or despair…hoping things will magically be okay for eternity.

Instead, I want to help you change your life and your relationship for the better. I want you to be the person you know you can be…the couple you want to be. I want you and your spouse or partner to become stronger, happier, and more fulfilled.

And this is exactly why I designed this exclusive program. In fact, by the time you’ve completed this proven “at your own pace” program, you’ll feel like it was made just for you.

Regardless of how jam-packed you think your schedule is right now, regardless of how afraid, devastated, or unmotivated you feel at this moment, you’ll still be able to achieve the kind of results and inspiration that’s rarely available to those who silently suffer at the thought or reality of an affair.

Men and women in your same situation work with me because of my energy, easy-going nature, compassion, understanding, and knowledge. Add in my 30+ years of experience and it creates a powerful combination that can truly change your life, your outlook, and your future.

Through my exclusive Affair-Proof program, you will:

  • Discover the secrets behind an affair-proof marriage or relationship regardless of situation
  • Learn how to spot and deal with key pre-affair behaviors
  • Learn how to recognize the 12 red flags of potential affairs
  • Learn why affairs happen and how to prevent them from happening to you
  • Discover what kinds of situations help affairs thrive
  • Learn what to do and NOT DO if you suspect an affair
  • Uncover the most important thing you must do FIRST if you discover an affair
  • Get instant access to all four affair-proof and affair discovery modules (85+ pages!)
  • Learn the devastating mistakes people make after discovering an affair
  • Learn how to envision the relationship you want and go get it
  • Get answers to the most common questions asked by those who discovered an affair
  • Receive personal support as you progress through the program and activities
  • Enjoy access to my exclusive Affair-Proof Marriage Facebook Group

Don’t Go Through It Alone…I Can Help You THRIVE!

Take the first step in preventing an affair.

This program is a transformational deep-dive into the world of affairs, secret liaisons, and troublesome behaviors so YOU are informed and prepared.

Complete with life-changing, relationship-changing, and life-lasting techniques and methods, you’ll feel more confident, more secure, and more at-ease upon completion.

There are plenty of courses you can take and blogs you can read that try and teach you how to spot an affair or overcome the pain of one’s discovery, but none of them take the time to really help you smash through your personal blocks – using proven step-by-step methods to look deep within yourself and craft your relationship’s future.

In this program, we’re going to dig deep…beyond the superficial clickbait articles and fear-mongering to help you better understand what can manifest into an affair and how to prevent it from ever happening to you.

You have a choice. You can choose to live with the pain and worry of an affair, or you can choose to not be a statistic.

You can try to figure it all out on your own, or you can: Learn the red flags to watch out for! Learn how to deal with pre-affair behavior BEFORE it starts! Learn how to connect with your spouse or partner on a level you never thought possible! Discover the reasons affairs start in the first place! Protect yourself by becoming affair-proof! Know exactly what to do should the unimaginable happen! Learn why affairs emerge and how you can make sure one NEVER happens to you! And so much more!

Dealing with affair worry or affair discovery is not something to go through alone without guidance and support. With my program, you get both!

I look forward to connecting with you!

Don’t Go Through It Alone…I Can Help You THRIVE!